Daycare Pitt Meadows

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Daycare Pitt Meadows

Daycare Pitt Meadows

Young children do well when they have some structure in their lives and when they are exposed to many new ideas and subjects. It is important to provide children with an atmosphere that is enriched for learning. A daycare in Pitt Meadows offers a learning environment where they can learn in the safety of children who are the same age. At CEFA we provide a center that is similar to what they will experience when they are in a Canadian elementary school.

CEFA Curriculum

At our CEFA daycare in Pitt Meadows we offer a complete curriculum that provides young students with an introduction into a vast array of subjects. Some of our many subjects include languages, mathematics, culture immersion, dance, dramatic arts, reading science, music and physical education. We also offer a summer program to keep kids engaged throughout the year. 

We offer a well-rounded approach that exposes kids to academics while providing physical activity in an environment that encourages emotional development and social engagement. Our early childhood system is designed to educate the whole child, not just academically. It is helpful to provide knowledge and stimulation to the child’s brain in a variety of unique ways.

Here your children are encouraged to learn while they are in a safe environment with compassionate and knowledgeable instructors. Children of different ages are grouped together. Each group learns the basic building blocks of leading, respect, self improvement and how to make a difference in their world.

Development of Core Values

At our CEFA daycare in Pitt Meadows our highly trained teachers share common core values. We lead by example and believe in continuous self-improvement. We have respect for children and in turn children learn to respect others. We inspire magic in children who are eager to learn. Our curriculum is age-appropriate for each group, which is designed for children up to age 5.

Our program was designed after the junior kindergarten program and is similar to Montessori. We offer a slightly less rigid classroom study program. Our teachers are able to develop curriculum studies based on the basic areas we provide. Children learn through a variety of methods including exploration, investigation and play.

The first 5 years are critical to the development of a child’s brain. During this time, kids are better able to gather information. Our program for daycare in Pitt Meadows offers an important start on your child’s path of higher education. Each subject offers a foundation that children will use as they grow and develop. Exposure to a wide range of subjects and ideas allows kids to gain some basic areas of interest which they may want to pursue as they get older.

At CEFA we help educate children academically, socially, emotionally and physically for a well-rounded basic foundation. They begin to learn the skills that will set them on a path of success through higher education. CEFA has daycare options for children of all ages up to age 5 including daily care and summer programs. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and to fill out an application.  


Daycare Pitt Meadows
Daycare Pitt Meadows
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Daycare Pitt Meadows Daycare Pitt Meadows

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